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Vehicle Data Bus Translator

PN: GL7839

The Glider-Link is a revolutionary electronic module that makes it possible to install older engines into newer cabs and restore digital communication between the two.

This allows customers to reap the benefits of an older engine, such as reliability, better fuel economy, easier service, and cost-effectiveness, while enjoying the convenience and modern features of a newer cab.

Installation is easy, with only six wires required to restore dashboard and gauge functionality, plus an additional wire per cab switch for functions like cruise control and jake brake.


The Glider-Link is pre-programmed and ready to go, making it a true "plug and play" solution.


Comes with a limited 2-year warranty and no-cost technical support for the lifetime of the product.

Features & Benefits

  • Seamlessly integrate a wider variety of engines and trucks, expanding your possibilities for engine swaps.

  • Enable smooth communication between previously incompatible components.

  • Enjoy a hassle-free setup with our modules preconfigured from the factory, providing seamless "Plug & Play" installation.

  • Experience precision control with opto-isolated outputs for brake, clutch, fan, and cruise controls.

  • Effortlessly restore dash and gauge functionality after an engine or ECM swap, ensuring a complete and functional driving experience.

Truck & Engine Compatibility

  • Works with all truck makes and models supporting the SAE J1939 (250K or 500K) protocol.

  • Caterpillar: All 40-pin "E" series engines and some older 70-pin models, including 3406E, C12, and more.

  • Cummins: Most pre-2000 engines supporting the SAE J1708/J1587 protocol, including ISX, N14, L11,

  • Engines with Celect or Celect Plus ECMs.

  • Detroit Diesel: All 60-series engines with DDEC-II, DDEC-III, DDEC-IV, and DDEC-V ECMs.

  • All other engines supporting the SAE J1708/J1587 communication protocol.

Documents & Resources


Is this the right product for you?

Typical Applications and Uses:

  • Engine Swap/Glider Kit Electrical Issues

  • Incompatible ECMs

  • Combining SAE J1708/J1587 and SAE J1939 components

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